Meet Deborah Bernstein

To know her is to love her” says her husband, Ted Bernstein. “Deborah’s beauty shines from within, she’s all heart.”

Sisley Cosmetics out of Paris, France features Deborah online at the Sisely international web site. Visit Deborah here.
2018: Deborah continues representing Maurio Pucci of Boca Raton as their lead model for runway fashion shows.

“Without question, women are living longer than ever before. South Florida is the retirement capital of the United States, if not the world. I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women who want it all and having it all begins with total financial security. In my practice, I help bring as many women as possible to the discussion table where we help educate them about these issues, whether they are currently retired or somewhere on the life cycle spectrum preparing for their retirement. I like to say that my clients gain ‘Sleep Insurance’ by working with us. I try to minimize the confusion and mystery about the issues of financial security in retirement. At the end of the day, it’s about guaranteed, lifetime income, no matter what is happening in the world or the economy.”

Deborah  has a multi-faceted background. She has held both State and National pageant titles including: Mrs. North America, 2017/18, Beauty of the Americas 2018, Mrs. U.S. Continental 2010/11, Ms Florida 2008 as well as the Mrs. Florida in 2002. These triumphs are attributed to her passion, intellect, and a commitment to improving her community. Deborah’s body of work led her to being selected as Blinc’s Cosmetics model.

Deborah supports charities that provide financial assistance to organizations helping families and children cope with the challenges that arise from untreated mental illness as well families in distress and/or in need of therapeutic services they cannot afford. Without help, many of these families would otherwise be unable to access these much needed services. Through her charitable efforts, many children are able to access critical therapeutic counseling and continue their education without interruption. Every family is touched in some way by mental illness. 

Her career accomplishments incorporate senior level experience in business administration as an executive for the Marriott and Hilton Hotels. Her hands-on knowledge of the hospitality industry has contributed to her business acumen and gracious demeanor, and brought her to where she is today. As the co-founder of Life Cycle Financial Planners, Deborah is passionate about helping women create retirement security with guaranteed, lifetime income solutions.

In September 2012, Mrs. Bernstein launched a new children’s storybook series (Stylish Stella’s Magic Crown) in Bloomingdales of Boca Raton. Based on strong reception, Bloomingdales and The Breakers have invited Deborah for special events, featuring the Stylish Stella book. This new series is focused on confidence building and self esteem for young readers. A portion of the proceeds from the book sales are donated back to The Ted & Deborah Bernstein Family Foundation.

Mrs. Bernstein is both a devoted wife and mother. Married to Ted Bernstein, they reside in Boca Raton, Florida. Leading by example, a mother of four adult children, Deborah encourages all of her kids to participate in their communities by giving back in their own, unique ways.